Family Skate Dates

Family Skates have been postponed until further notice due to covid – 19 Restrictions


Every Sunday 1pm – 2:30pm

Families attending Family Skate must fill out the form below and present upon entering Facility or fill a form out upon arrival at the Facility

Cost is Family of 4 is $10 $5 for every extra member

$5 per individual

Helmets will be mandatory for all Skaters

Public Skate Screening Form

Regular hours (Oct to Mar)

In-Season Ice Rates (Oct-Mar)

Prime Time $165.00 (Tax Included)

Non Prime Time (Morning and Afternoon) $95.00 (Tax Included)

Minor Sports $155.00 (Tax Included)

7 Days a Week: 8am-12am

The Facility will Open as needed for rental functions or special events.

Sticks & Pucks

Sticks & Pucks Dates & Times

Sticks & Pucks Have been postponed until further notice due to Covid – 19 Restrictions

Sticks & Pucks will begin Sunday November 15th at 5pm. All participants attending must fill out the form below and present upon entering Facility

Cost is $5.00 per individual or $10.00 per family of 4

Sticks & Pucks Rules

  • Helmets Mandatory
  • Full equipment not allowed
  • Must bring own puck
  • No organized half ice or mini games
  • Goalies welcome
  • This is for individuals to practice their skills

Sticks & Pucks  Screening Form

Covid – 19 Guidelines

All spectators will be required to complete a COVID pre-screening questionnaire and to provide
contact tracing information to a representative of the ice renter prior to proceeding to the
designated viewing area
 Spectators will be permitted to enter the arena 5 minutes prior to the ice rental time through the designated entrance once screened by each teams safety rep. No outside food or drink permitted. You will exit through the designated exit
 Spectators will not be permitted anywhere in the facility except to walk to the designated viewing area. You must stay in your seat through the duration of the game unless you are using the washroom or the canteen. Between periods during  the time the Zamboni is resurfacing the ice you can not leave the building and come back in. You  must exit the arena as soon as the scheduled ice time ends

 Spectators must wear a mask at all times while seating if you are eating or drinking your mask can be off, only during that time
 Each user group will be required to have an individual assigned to ensure these guidelines are followed for the duration of the rental

 Players and coaches will only be permitted to enter the arena 15 minutes prior to their scheduled ice time through the middle doors located on the dressing room side of building
 Masks must be worn while entering and exiting the facility as well as in the dressing room
 Players and coaches must stay in dressing rooms until ice time, no hanging out to watch before or after scheduled time slot. After scheduled time slot you will have 15 mins to exit the building through the designated exits

Failure to follow the Arena COVID GUIDELINES may result in cancellation of future ice times. We must all work together to ensure we are adhering to public health guidelines to make sure facilities are able to continue to provide the activities we love!

West Colchester United Arena Participant Screening Registry Form

West Colchester United Arena Questionnaire