Children’s soccer (100 registered) Monday’s at 6:30pm

Children’s soft ball and T-ball (50plus registered) eight weeks. (28 plus volunteers)

T-ball Tuesdays 6:30 pm (age 3-5) Wednesday’s 6:30 (age 10 and up), 7:30pm (age 6-9pm)

Day camps: 9 weeks, Monday to Thursday 8:30-4:30. (Only possible due to summer students thru gov’t funding). Call for more information.

Adult Broomball. Tuesday’s at 7pmball hockey. Thursday’s at 7pm

ball hockey ran 8 weeks in spring (60 plus registered, 6 volunteers). Wednesday’s at 6:30pm (age 5-8), Monday’s 7:30pm (age 9-11), Wednesday 7:30pm (12 up).

NEW: 8 weeks off ice hockey training (August-September) Wednesday’s at 7:30pm.